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Viking Cargo Containers Inc. is a retailer for new and used containers across North America.  We work with America’s largest wholesalers across the United States to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. 

We also work with country’s top tracking companies for more convenience. we understand the needs of the customer and are constantly striving to deliver the highest quality customer care

Customer satisfaction is our priority and it is important that you receive the utmost professionalism and support

We are a network of cargo container providers that offer an extensive amount of knowledge and an abundance of experience. We set our standards high and aim to provide the best quality customer service, competitive pricing, and deliver high quality containers directly to you.

Viking Cargo Containers Inc. supplies new and used ISO Containers of all types.  Our products range from standard 20',40’ and High Cube containers.

View our products pages for shipping container specifications and to obtain a quote.